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Come experience the joy of horses at Middleton Stables! Our family owned business offers lessons and visits for all ages, so you can learn all about these majestic creatures and even own your own. Our small private farm also has lots of other fun animals to explore.

 Focus for the Stable!!!!!!!!  Join us today!

Come see all the animals and join one of our great programs:  All programs can be done, once, weekly, bi-weekly, for for the entire summer.  Text to sign up or book some right on line!!!

  • Barn Buddies-  Ages 6 and up M-W-F  90 min program-

  • Stable Hand- Ages 8 and up M-W-F 2 hr program

  • Family Fun time- All ages- 4 people --Appointments required, w/ or w/o riding

  • Private Lesson- Text for availability

  • Littles Lead Line-  Ages 4-7--30- 45 min program

  • Summer Camp- Ask for Details via text

  • Click on Services to learn more!!!!

Home: Welcome

A place to reconnect with horses and you.....

Enjoy the fresh air, and friendly animals at Middleton Stables in Middleburg. We are so much more than a Horse Farm - we are a place where friends and families gather for activities and family fun. Whether you would like to partake in our programs for learning, come for a family farm visit,  or just ride for fun, we’ve got it all!

Come visit us at Middleton Stables soon!


Learn about Hunter, Hunter is a past eventing, dressage, jumping, cross country super star.  He has been there and done it all.  He retires with us and will help everyone feel more comfortable around horses with his gentle sweet personality.  From the very young to the adult, he has the patience, the balance, and the training to help you overcome your fear of horses!  We are so blessed to have him at our barn!  I can't wait for you to meet him!    And there is the amazing mega pony our beautiful Paint horse Miss Gracie!   She is all ready to take you on a pony ride or let you groom her beautiful coat in our farm visit and feed her treats!  Come and meet our big pony, and you won't be disappointed!!!!

Come visit Middleton Stables 



Get to know all about Middleton Stables in Middleburg - what we do, our mission, and our history. Middleton Stables is a year-round Horse Farm that offers horseback riding, family farm visits,  and lessons in a quiet setting for beginners to learn and relax in safety while having a great time. Whether you are new to riding, want to remember your childhood, just love horses, or want an experience with your family or friends.  Come and enjoy our horses, dwarf goats, lop bunnies, and baby donkey in a private setting.  When you are here you have the place practically to yourself.  We offer the chance to bond with animals and nature in a peaceful setting.  At Middleton Stables we feel incredibly lucky, we get to do what we love. We’d love for you to take part in the Middleton Stables experience.

For more information, get in touch!

Relax with the horses
Groom, feed treats, take a ride, learn all about our amazing farm animals, do it all!!!

Plan your next visit to Middleton Stables, we can customize your visit to fit your needs  - you’ll have a great time!



Text the Stable and set up the following for YOUR FAMILY or your CHILD


Barn buddies is offered between 3-7pm is a 90 min session focusing on learning all about everything HORSE..  Have you ever thought about having your own horse?  Horsemanship, education, horse care, every aspect, it's like owning your own horse without the expense!  We also have other animals just to keep it fun- chickens, goats, bunnies, donkeys will be just another exciting piece.  Riding will not be the focus of this program but we will ride.  This is the perfect way to introduce yourself or child to the wonderful world of the horse and FARM.  Or as an adult learn what you need to know to own one.  Program is geared for ages over age 6.  


Students are supervised and instructed in all aspects of horsemanship from the ground up.  A 2h hands on horse experience.  Stable Hands is available and  includes horsemanship, riding, and learning. This is horse "ownership" in every aspect. Take care of, enjoy, and appreciate everything your horse needs the days you are here. Participate in ground work, bonding, and education pertaining to your needs and the needs of your horse.  Includes riding lessons/sessions and education on all animals at the stable as well.  Manage a working barn.

Family or Grandparent Day

This can look any way you would like.  Clean stalls, pick a hoof, pet a donkey, hold a goat,  brush horses, get a basic lesson in the arena or go on a short trail ride. Usually 90 min session.  This is NOT just a ride experience. 
Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it in the picnic area and watch the kids and grandma ride. Or tell us what you are looking for and we can see what works.

Barn Animals Hall of Fame


The Chickens have come to Middleton Stables.  In June 2022 we added 6 Hens to our farm 
"Orchid"-Lavender Orpington
"Pebbles"- Light Brahma
"Aussie"- Black Australorp
"Cotton"- White Leghorn
"Lacey"- Wyandotte Silver Laced
"Henritta"- Grey n White Americana

Schedule a farm visit & come feed and pet them, the hens are super sweet!

They are  laying brown, white, pink, and beautiful blue eggs!!!! 
Our 8 week old Goats joined us in April 2023 and cant wait to meet you!  Meet Fionna and Feebee our Nigerian Dwarfs!  




Born 2-15-2023

Born 2-4-2023

Welcome Penelope "Penny"

Her mom was a Mini Donkey and Dad a Standard, so she's gonna be about 10 hands.  Shes only a baby now!


Meet Henry & Charlie our Holland Lop Bunnies!  



From a Birthday Party where everyone gets to have cake, feed a horse, open gifts and have a pony ride, to a place where your family can come have a picnic, this is your relaxation stop!


Rent the Stable for your special event, talk to us about your date and time today!


We have a great lesson program just for you!
Intro to the Stable 
Where it all starts

Come for an intro to the Stable visit where you can check out our Stable and our farm, meet our animals and decide if you want to join our Barn Buddies program or our Stable Hand program.

Talk to Cherie to see which one fits.  

Must visit the stable and do an intro before being put on the waiting list or entering either of our programs.

2837 Anchor Rd, Middleburg, FL 32068, USA

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